Opening Systems

Single-pane or double pane systems, double and triple glazed with energy efficient glass (Low-E) 5 & 6mm.

Siccόna opening systems are fitted with a ROTO mechanism capable of supporting loads of up to 130kg. This means that the maximum sheet glass dimensions for double glazing are 3.25m² and for triple glazing 2.5 m².

Superior functionality

The Siccόna opening structural system offers guaranteed all-weather protection - thanks to the almost fully integrated surface coverage of its exterior glazing, the heavy duty EPDM-type perimeter seals, as well as its integrated steel perimeter multi-locking mechanism.

Siccόna S 300

The main double glazing product series, which uses toughened energy energy efficient glass (Low-E) and transparent or opaque (mirror) exterior panel glass.

full double smThe 6-6 mm glazing, composed of toughened energy efficient glass, extends from edge to edge of almost the entire outer surface of the panel. As a result of the structural integration of the glass panels with their aluminum frames, this thus ensures absolute watertightness, high durability and uninterrupted trouble free operation.


Siccόna S 500

The advanced series of triple glazing with toughened energy efficient glass (Low-E) for high standard building complexes. Top quality design, technology and customization options.

full triple smThe 6-5-6 mm glazing is composed of toughened energy efficient glass (Low-E) covers, edge to edge, the entire inner surface of the panel, thereby simultaneously creating a plain unified surface, high durability and minimization of the visual presence of the aluminium profile.

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