We present a new completely original concept in architectural aluminium profile systems.

brand idea

We were inspired by the Cycladic figurines - the famous marble figurines of the Cycladic civilization which flourished in the Aegean between 3300 and 2000 BC - and by the application in recent times of the architectural style of the renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, expressed through his now famous aphorism:

“Less is more”

We brought together a team of Greek designers specializing in the development of aluminum systems for architectural applications, and secured the full cooperation and support of Greek manufacturers specializing in modern glass processing technologies.

After months of intensive work we have created a modern and minimalist yet extremely functional and versatile system.

The Siccóna double-faced structural system.

The concept behind the system clearly stands out for its modern architectural approach and its response to modern demands for energy saving, personal comfort and a high safety factor.

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