Siccόna Accessories

installment 3In parallel with the sliding and opening systems Siccona has developed the Siccona accessories range, which facilitate easy installation of the system with all the features the architect or building contractor requires.

Currently the Siccόna Accessories range includes:

(α) Set of components for recessing sliding system guide rails, consisting of 2mm galvanized profile, height 9.2 cm, which is installed in the floor and is fitted with special channels to allow for water drainage, and 1.5 mm stainless steel profile, which is fitted between the galvanized profile and the guide rail and is intended to protect the guide rail system from corrosion.

(β) Folded guide rails for recessed installation of opening system outer frames.

(γ) Folded guide rails for recessed installation of sliding system outer frames.

accessories 1

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