The Structural system is double-face, with double & triple Glazing

The development of the Siccóna system was based on the innovative «Structural» technology, which has been widely used worldwide with great success for years now in curtain wall applications internationally.

In this system, glazing is a single structural element which fully integrates the outer and inner surface of the sheet glass from edge to edge. Thus the system acquires a fully integrated compact structure - instead of the usual loose-fitting installation where the glazing simply slides into the aluminum frame.

This means unparalleled functionality, extremely high durability, complete weatherproofing and at the same time adds a unique aesthetic perfection to the overall architectural design of any building.

Two main product lines

With the objective of meeting even the most demanding quality requirements, the Siccóna structural system has two main product lines: the triple glazed 500 series and the double glazed 300 series.

Siccόna S 500 / Opening & SL 500 / Slidingfull triple sm siromeno triple b sm

The advanced series of triple glazing with toughened energy efficient glass (Low-E) for high standard building complexes. Top quality design, technology and versatile customization options.

The 6 - 5 - 6mm glazing is made of energy saving toughened glass (Low-E) covers, end to end, the entire inner surface of the sheet, thereby at the same time ensuring a plain surface, high durability and minimal visibility of the aluminum profile.

Siccόna S 300 (Opening) & SL 300 (Sliding)full double sm siromeno double b sm

The basic range of double glazing options, with toughened energy efficient glass (Low-E).

The 6 - 6mm glazing extends from edge to edge, extending across the entire (sliding system) or almost the entire (opening type) outer surface of the window, which, as consequence of the structural integration of the glass with the aluminum frame, thus secures absolutely watertight weatherproofing, high durability and completely problem-free operation.

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